4 folders- horizontal pockets (some kind of design, so we know it’s not your MATH folder!!)
Ear-buds or headphones (can be kept in backpack for use at school or home)
2 spiral notebooks
Coloring supplies (crayons/pencils/markers- whatever you like)
1-2 rulers (really!)
Notebook paper
Pencils and erasers
Glue (a little Elmer’s and a glue stick)
Cleaning Wipes and Kleenex to share
You might bring:
 a small pencil box or pouch
 a protractor (small ones are best)
 a small canister pencil sharpener
Look around your house and see what you already have!!
Your old backpack is probably in fine shape. And your watercolors were rarely used! Room

Be ready to replace paper and old, dry glue sticks and pencils through-out the year!!